Welcome to the website of Agricultural holding "Vyborgec"!

We are glad to present you Agrofirma «Vyborgec».

Vegetables and herbs fresh-grown in greenhouses - our most delicious products of the highest quality.

Modern technology and adoption of foreign practices allow us to get the harvest that corresponds to the highest standards and your taste expectations.

Today "Vyborgec" is a modern enterprise, supplier with an excellent reputation, which products have earned customer loyalty and are presented in most of retail networks.

Every day we work to bring exclusively fresh, tasty and wholesome vegetables and herbs to your table.

We are open for cooperation and will gladly discuss new suggestions!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Agrofirma “Vyborgec”


Agricultural holding “Vyborgec” is the leader in the production of fresh vegetables and herbs in the Northwestern region. For many years we have been the exclusive suppliers for the major retail networks.